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School Enrollment Update

A note from Mr. Damman, Superintendent of USD 101, providing you with an update for school starting this fall. I’m certain that everyone is excited to get started with school in some form or another and also concerned for the virus issue and how the school plans to handle various issues.   Much of the
information is still unknown because, as you know, there continues to be changes with the social distancing and PPE requirements. Several school districts have delayed the start of school until after Labor Day because of the state order from the Governor. Because the state school board did not approve the order, it will not be mandated that all schools follow the request.  USD 101 Board of Education would like to start the school year as quickly as possible this fall because we do not have a high number of virus cases in our district. The board did stress that they wanted to make sure the district was prepared for meeting the guidelines for protecting individuals against the virus as outlined by the CDC.  Not all the beginning of the year information has been completely finalized, but I do feel that it is important to pass along what we currently know so that parents can begin planning for the school year.

Enrollment will be delayed one week and is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11, from noon to 8 pm and Wednesday, August 12, 8 am to noon. We are making attempts to have all of the enrollment information available online so that parents are able to complete the information prior to arriving at EHS and to

decrease the amount of time required to be in the building. The first day of school for students has not be determined yet because board members must approve the change in the school calendar. The board will need to hold some discussion on the changes because it will have an impact on various breaks and the ending day of the school year. This decision will be made at the August 4th board meeting. The board will also have some discussion on PPE requirements for both students and staff members. It will be important for everyone to understand that there is a legal requirement that the board will have to follow when making a decision for the PPE. It will be easiest to follow news information from the state and county on how the requirements will be handled at the local level.

The district is also considering different methods of receiving instruction for students. This includes the traditional method of attending school in the buildings and a possible remote setting where students will be at home receiving live instruction from the teacher. Regardless of the setting, it will be important to understand that all students will be required to complete all the work that is requested of the teachers and students must be in attendance for the full day of school regardless of the location. Parents will be given the different options when enrolling students in August. More of this information will be provided once it is approved by the school board. Please be sure to review social media, the district website, and other phone notifications being sent out. It is the district’s desire to ensure the safety of all students and staff members at all times and to provide a high quality of education that allows our students to grow each year. 

I would like to thank all the parents for your support of our district, teachers, administration, and especially school board members as we move forward. We want to make the new school year just as important as every other school year and it will take everyone to work together to make it happen.

Again, there will be more to follow.  Thank you for your continuing support.