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This is Mr. Damman, superintendent of USD 101, providing you with an update for implications on the Covid-19 virus.  I know that there is much information being discussed in the community and I’m hoping to clarify the understanding.

First off, I would like to encourage patrons to visit our district website so that you are able to get current staff and student numbers that have been placed in quarantined or have a confirmed case.  We try very hard to ensure that the information is updated as quickly as possible.  You can find the information under the Covid-19 quick link on the main page.  There is another document located within the link that is titled USD 101 Return to Learn Navigation Change.  This document outlines our current district policy that we are following when it comes to recommending to the county health department for individuals that have possibly been exposed to the virus.

Appendix B outlines three different scenarios labeled: cases, household contacts, and Non-household contacts.  Individuals that have exposure to the virus as a non-household contact can be under a modified quarantine because they do not have a possible exposure to the virus on a daily basis with someone in the house.  The purpose of the modified quarantine is to allow individuals to attend school if at all possible.  We strive very hard to make the school environment a safe environment for everyone.  The modified quarantine does have restrictions to ensure the safety for everyone in the building.

From the onset of the virus, we have shared that their will most likely be changes to the return to school plan and that is why the plan has a fluid design.

More recently, we have seen an increase of individuals that have been placed in quarantine or identified as having the virus.  A question has been presented to close the buildings and go to a full remote setting.  After much discussion, it is the desire to keep the district buildings open as much as possible because of the greater learning ability and because of the positive natures that students participate in at school.

We do have a fully remote day scheduled for Friday, November 13.  It is important to know that all students will be required to communicate with their teacher on that day.  Teachers are planning for the day so that students understand how they will need to connect with the teacher and count for attendance.  The day is meant to be a practice day for remote education and we want to make sure that procedures are in place should the district have to transition to a fully remote setting for a longer duration of time.  It is the district’s desire to communicate to families prior to any scheduled remote school days so that parents are able to make accommodations at home.  Friday is the only scheduled remote day at this time.

One requirement from the state for the remote day to count as a day of school is to ensure that all students are offered a breakfast and lunch for the day.  To meet this requirement, the school will be sending home a boxed meal on Thursday for Friday’s remote day.  Parents will need to communicate with their children how you would like for them to transport the meals whether it be in a backpack or simply by carrying the bag.  Students will need to make sure and sign up for the meals if you plan to take them home at the end of the day.

In closing, we ask parents to practice social distancing and other aspects as outlined by CDC to help prevent the spread of the virus.  We must all work together to accomplish this and to ensure the safety of our community both during the school day and with private social events outside the home.

Thank you for being an awesome community.  this information will be posted on our website for you to review as needed.   

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USD 101 is a rural school district in Southeast Kansas made up of the Erie, Stark and Galesburg communities 

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